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To sell or not to sell…that is the question

UrgencyThey typically have a pressing need to sell their property in a speedy manner. This urgency could be due to financial reasons, relocation or needing to downside or upgradeHome sellers in this category do not have a pressing need to sell their property quickly. They might be testing the market or waiting for the prefect offer.
Price flexibilityMotivated sellers are often more willing to negotiate on the price and terms of the sale. They understand the need to be flexible to attract potential buyers quickly. They listen to their agent & are prepared to be realistic. They may be less flexible with the sale. They might have their own fixed idea of the property’s value and be unwilling to negotiate or realistic.
ResponsivenessMotivated sellers are usually prompt in responding to inquiries from potential buyers, scheduling viewings, and facilitating the sales process.They may be slow to respond to inquiries or viewing requests, indicating a lack of urgency or interest in selling
They are actively engaged in marketing their property. They may hire a real estate agent, advertise through multiple channels, and make efforts to enhance the property’s appeal through staging or repairs
Unmotivated sellers might not invest much effort or resources into marketing their property. They may list it with a real estate agent but not actively participate in promoting the listing. Might not want a yard sign
Pricing structure
They are receptive to offers and may be willing to consider unconventional offers or creative financing options to expedite the sale
Unmotivated sellers may resist offers that deviate from their expectations, even if those offers are reasonable. They may hold out for a specific price or set of conditions.