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Things to Remember When Considering Buying a Doer-Upper

When you’re buying a new property, there are lots of choices available. Some people opt to purchase a new-build, whereas others choose to buy a doer-upper. Doer-uppers are properties that need a little bit of TLC, repair and renovation. They’re a great opportunity for anyone thinking of buying a house; there’s just so much you can achieve with a doer-upper, and there are plenty of immense benefits too.

Below, the team at Michelle Burke has written a helpful post that explores a number of things you should consider when you’re thinking about buying a doer-upper property. Read on to find out more, and if you would like to learn more about how our team can help you – please contact us via the details at the bottom of this post. 

Costs and Budgets

The most important thing to think about is the budget and the costs involved in a doer-upper project. When you are looking to buy an older property or a house that needs more care, the market price will typically be lower compared with newer houses. However, you need to make sure that you take into account all of the costs associated with doing up a house. This includes build costs, plumbing, electricals and decoration costs – to name just a few. 

Depending on how much work your fixer-upper needs, renovations can become expensive. Although, if you are able to budget smartly and do some of the refurbishment work yourself – it can work out cheaper. Overall, it’s imperative that you stay on top of your budget; this will help you maximise the value you add to your property. 

Conduct Extensive Research

Secondly, another crucial thing to remember is to do your own research. With doer-uppers, there is so much involved and you want to be starting your project armed with knowledge and expertise. 

Thankfully, there is so much information available online nowadays that can help make the process easier. You can find examples of similar projects, getting inspiration and ideas from other homeowners. This will help make the project more manageable in the long run. 

Adding Value to the Property

With any renovation project, it is essential that you concentrate on adding value to the property. This could mean changing the existing heating system, investing in new windows, or choosing new insulation. There are an abundance of ways that you can increase the value of your property. 

We recommend making upgrades that are long-term focused, and will pay off in the long run. All in all, if you adopt the mindset of adding value wherever you can, you’ll get excellent rewards in the future – being able to attain a much higher selling price on your property. 

Personalising your Home

Finally, doer-uppers are fantastic opportunities to imprint your own style, character and personality on a property. Whilst buying a new-build is a great choice, you’re very limited in your ability to add your own personal touches and style. 

But, when you buy a doer-upper, you can design and renovate in your own aesthetic, making your mark and creating a unique, distinct and personal home. It’s a much more exciting and enjoyable journey buying a fixer-upper.

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