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Selling your property? Then you need to ……

When you are putting your property on the market – it’s really essential that you have your paperwork in order.

This means that once your estate agent finds the right buyer & negotiates the best price & terms for you, receives the booking deposit, obtains buyers details – your solicitor can issue contracts to the buyers solicitor.

This reduces the conveyance or “sale agreed” time significantly – up to 8 weeks faster before the buyer signs contracts.

Why does this matter? The longer it takes for the buyer to sign contracts, the higher the chances are that the sale will fall through for a myriad of reasons including:

  • The buyer might see a similar property for sale in the area that is cheaper.
  • Their circumstances may have changed
  • The short term property market may be altered
  • Advice from family & friends

By “having your ducks in a row” most of the above can be avoided.

What documentation will you need? We have put together this information that your solicitor will need from you. (this may vary from sale to sale, but by and large this is what is required) Download the PDF

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