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Essential Guide to Preparing Your Galway Home for Sale

Are you thinking about moving home to a bigger place in 2023? Or do you want to downsize and start completely afresh in a different part of the country? If either of these two scenarios describe your current situation, then Michelle Burke can help you realise your property goals this year. 

Our experienced team can turn your moving dream into a reality, securing the right price for your current home. To help make it easier for you to achieve this, we’ve created a really useful guide and checklist about preparing your Galway home for sale this year. Read on to learn more, and if you’d like to enquire about our estate agents in Galway, please contact us today on 087 2500716. 

Declutter Your Home

We’re all guilty of accumulating lots of different ‘stuff’ over the years, a huge amount of which we don’t actually use or have a purpose for anymore. If this is the case, then now is the best time for you to begin a ruthless declutter. 

Sort through each room in your property and give it a major declutter, getting rid of anything that you no longer need. Piles of junk and bric-a-brac are a huge turn-off for potential buyers, so you want to make sure that you’ve disposed of all your unused items and junk before you get any buyers round to your property. 

Choose the Best Agent

Next, ensure that you have at least three agents to value your property. Do not just choose the agent with the highest valuation without any explanation, even though it may be tempting to do so. 

What you should do is ask the agent to provide evidence backing up their valuation figure, such as properties similar to yours that have been sold in the local area. Make sure that you pick the agent with the most impressive record and the one who gives you a reasonable yet realistic valuation.

Carry out Minor Repairs

The next step is to have a chat with your chosen agent about how to best market your property. You should ask for any advice they may have regarding minor repairs such as fixing any wonky cupboard doors, creaky floorboards, broken tiles, and giving walls a fresh coat of paint. 

If you need a contractor recommendation, a property valuation, or sales advice, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team; we’d be happy to help you with anything you need.

Tidy Up the Garden or Outdoor Space

The garden is a major part of your property, so make sure you don’t forget to tidy up your outdoor spaces – both the front and back. A nice neat front garden will create a good first impression when buyers first arrive at your property. 

And, a tidy courtyard or back garden could help you seal the deal, confirming that your property is one to buy. Quick ways you can clean up your garden are to trim the back hedges and plants, and check that the fences are in good condition too. 

Remove Your Personal Items

Another preparation tip is to remove your personal items such as family photos, trinkets and certificates, if these are on display. Many buyers often feel uncomfortable with personal items in a home they’re visiting, so remove these items from view until you have completed the sale. 

Make an Effort to Clean

Cleaning your home thoroughly can have a major impact on when it comes to selling your property in Galway. If you make a proper effort to clean your home from top to bottom, this can have a superb effect on your sale – creating a positive impression and attracting more buyers to your home. 

Dress Each Room Accordingly

Every room in the home has a purpose. And, if you want to achieve the best results when it comes to selling your home, then you should make it completely clear what the purpose of each room in your house is. For example, you should keep your bedroom as a bedroom with a bed in it, as opposed to tons of gym equipment, sporting items or boxes of junk. 

Eliminate Any Odours

Before you begin with viewings, make sure you get rid of the smell of pets, damp, rubbish or cigarette smoke in your property. A great way to do this is to use scented candles or flowers in your property; this will help create a pleasant, inviting aroma that spreads throughout your home.

Sell Your Home in Galway

Now that you’ve read our complete guide to preparing your home for sale in Galway, if you would like to begin the process today – then Michelle Burke is the leading estate agency for you to work with. We promise a personalised service and excellent results from the start of the process all the way through to the end. 
At our estate agents in Galway, we pride ourselves on working extremely hard for all our clients, which is why we are the highest-rated estate agents in Galway City and County on Google. If you’d like to discuss selling your home with us, please don’t hesitate to call us on 087 2500716. You can also email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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