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8 Top tips for choosing the best estate agent to sell your Galway home

When you are selling your property… you have lots of decisions to make, one of the most important being – what agent to use.

Your agent, along with your solicitor, can make or break a sale. Also, they can make your life along with the sale, so much easier or stressful.

Once you begin the search for an agent – you’ll get tons of:

“We are the best”, “we are the biggest”, “we are the cheapest”, “we will do a flat fee”, “we will get you the most money” , “we will pay all marketing cost”  etc. etc.

So how do you cut through all the chaff & make sure you choose the right agent:

  1. Check out & read their reviews. Some reviews will just have stars or bland comments,  but it’s vital to read what other sellers have said about the company & how they found the service
  2. Get recommendations from family, friends, work colleagues who you know have recently  sold their home.
  3. Do not choose an agent who are the cheapest & who give the highest valuation (the property price register is your best friend when you are checking home sale prices in your area)
  4. Interview 3 agents – figure out who will works hardest for you, who you are comfortable with, the manner in which they deal with your queries, their experience, market knowledge etc
  5. What is their marketing like – good quality photos, write up, walk though video, detailed information about a property
  6. What way was your call dealt with when you 1st called the office,  how efficient were they in following up with you
  7. What is their level of enthusiasm  – do you feel they are passionate about their work, proud of the service they provide etc
  8. Can they back up their valuation with comparisons of similar homes they sold in the area

The above list is by no means exhaustive – believe me –  your agent is critical to the smooth, successful sale of your property.  

I am here to offer advice, suggestions on staging, what you need to get your property on the market etc.  Call me on 087 2500716