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5 Ways You Can Decorate Your Rental Property to Turn it into a Home

Decorating a rental property can be a tricky endeavour, with many landlords having restrictions and rules on what you can and can’t do to their property. This can make it difficult to fully personalise your space and turn your property from a house into a home – but don’t worry, there are plenty of rental-friendly decor ideas that you can turn to.

Although decorating a rental property can be a challenge, with a little creativity and some rental-friendly decor ideas you can make your rental property feel like your own and inject your personality into your space. Think paint, quirky furniture, photographs, lamps and much more. Here at Michelle Burke have put together this helpful post, to share 5 of the ways that you can decorate your rental property without overstepping any restrictions.

Add a Splash of Paint 

One of the simplest ways that you can transform your rental property into a stunning space is with paint. Most landlords will allow you to paint the walls of your rental property, as long as you paint it back to its original colour that it was when you move out. This is a great way to add some personality to your rental property with colours that reflect your style and character, and make your rental property feel like a home. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt for removable wallpaper to add some more pattern and colour to your space without any permanent changes. 

Focus on Furniture

Consider applying additional focus on the furniture of respective rooms, which can completely transform a property and give it a totally different look and feel. Most of the time, landlords won’t allow tenants to make permanent changes to the walls or floors in their property, so instead, add furniture that makes your space more liveable and feel like a home. Think cosy armchairs, elegant sideboards, traditional coffee tables, bean bags and whatever else you feel like would fit into your new rental home perfectly. 

Make a Statement with Artwork and Photographs

Make a statement with artwork and photographs, to add a new lease of life to your new home. Usually landlords don’t have any issue with you decorating your properties walls, as long as you don’t leave any holes or marks in the walls. Hang some of your favourite prints, paintings, and photographs of your family and friends to give your rental property a homely and cosy touch. This is a fantastic way to have your new property feel more like a home, without having to make any permanent changes. 

Integrate Floating Shelves 

Why not integrate floating shelves, which will both give your property’s walls quirky features as well as giving you space to proudly display your belongings. Again, usually, landlords don’t have an issue with shelving as long as it does not damage your properties walls. You can choose shelves in a colour or material that compliments the rest of your decor, or opt for a bright and bold colour that stands out. You can then use your floating shelves to display your books, photographs, DVDs, and make your rental space feel more like a home. 

 Focus on Lighting 

Lighting is also a fantastic way that you can completely change the feel of your home with a few simple changes. The lighting in your property has a huge impact on how it looks and feels, and can really transform your home’s atmosphere. You can change the lights in your rental property to fit in with the style of your home, opting for some downlighters, or perhaps something more glittery altogether or a minimal neutral coloured chandelier. You can also incorporate different kinds of lamps into your property, such as floor lamps and table lamps, to accentuate areas of your property and bring attention to them. 

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