Tips for placing offers on a property

Before placing an offer on a property

Before placing an offer on a property be sure to have done your research on what properties have sold for recently in the area. The Property Price register is an excellent tool for this as well as your estate agent of course!

Estimate what extra costs you may need to spend to get the property to how you want it.  These could be anything from basic painting, to refurbishments, plumbing, roofing, lighting to extensions. These costs need to be factored in to your offers for a true cost of the property to you.

Decide on your maximum bid and do your utmost to stick to it.

Placing your offer or offers

A sensible first offer will let the estate agent know you are serious about the property. If you have done the research above and spoken with the agent you will be informed enough to make a serious statement.

If there are a number of bidders and you really want the property then make a higher offer in sound/solid increments. Small increases of €1-2K can frustrated everyone involved and prolong the stress for all potential buyers.

Beware of getting yourself into a bidding war which would take you past your maximum bid.

Have your ducks in row! Get documents ready such as your approval in principle or statement of funds in place. This shows the agent and vendor that you really are ready to go and will speed up the early stages of conveyance if you do become the buyer.

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