My top tips to selling a property if you have pets

I am often asked what to do about pets when selling a property. For many of us our pet is part of the family but not everyone feels the same about our 4-legged friends. Buyers have to imagine themselves living in the property so as I always advise to keep it neutral on many levels, this includes minimising as much as possible any impact of pets! Read my tips for preparing for viewings:-

  1. Check out carpets, flooring, walls, furniture and repair any damage caused by pets. Sand and paint any scratched doors.
  2. Replace or professionally clean any carpets with stains or pet odour.
  3. Tidy up any “dig holes” in the garden and treat the lawn to some fertiliser.
  4. Removes any pets from the property during viewings.
  5. Potential buyers may have allergies so it is important to give your property a thorough clean before viewings. Use air fresheners and allow plenty of fresh air.
  6. Hide or remove pet toys, bowls and bedding.

For any more property advice or to find out what your property is worth do give me a call on 087 2500716. I’m here to help.

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