Giving your home the WOW appeal

Giving your home the “WOW” appeal

It’s an exciting time when you are getting your property ready for sale. So much to do, so much information, things to think of …. where to start!

The first thing to do is to carry out a major declutter.

The very best advice I can give it to separate your things in three categories

  1. Keep
  2. Give to charity
  3. Dispose

Be ruthless!

It’s amazing what we pick up over the years… but it’s also amazing when we feng shui our home & “lighten the load” so to speak! A home that’s decluttered will seem much larger & have more appeal to buyers.

Once you have decluttered ask a close friend to cast a look over your  property – do not get offended if they tell you things you really don’t want to hear as we are sometimes deaf to our own inner critic!

Kerb appeal – make your home inviting by having a clean, freshly painted front door with lighting & perhaps some shrubs around the entrance. Remove old bikes, broken pots etc.

Clean the house thoroughly and make sure every room is gleaming – with special attention to the kitchen & bathrooms.

If there are any bulbs or lights missing now is the time to replace them. Get rid of anything that’s broken.

Invest in some rugs & mirrors – you can always bring them with you to your new home.

Fresh flowers & a basket of fruit can add such welcome. It also shows buyers you care about your home.

Low lighting & mirrors strategically placed can add value to a property also,

Keep pets out of sight! We all love our pets & sometimes might not be aware of the non attractive odours they can leave but you can be sure buyers will be!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money getting your property ready for sale but an investment of a couple of hundred euros could net you thousands!

The above tips are given with the very genuine interest in getting you the most viewers & most money for your property. Do make sure to call me on 087 2500716 if I can be any further help.

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