Getting your ducks in a row

January 2019

When planning on selling your home take my advice with these 3 simple tips to make selling your home a much easier process.


It is vital that a property is in planning compliance otherwise, almost always, a sale falls through.  Should the buyer’s engineer not be in a position to issue an up-to-date cert of compliance their solicitor will not certify the title.  No lending institution will provide a loan on a property without this certificate (no matter how much the buyers want to purchase). It is advisable, where appropriate, to ensure a property is in compliance before it is listed for sale.

It is well worth the money to engage  an engineer to inspect your property to ensure that all is in order, thereby allowing adequate time to address any issues which may arise. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure their property is planning compliant.  Taking this advice can save time, money and stress later on. 


Most of us have a mortgage on our property and it is standard procedure that that lending institution holds the title deeds of the property until the debt is fully discharged.

Contracts cannot be issued until the vendor’s solicitor is in possession of the property’s title deeds.  Signed authorization by the vendor is required by his/her solicitor in order for the lending institution to release the title deeds.  This process can take up to six weeks.  The solicitor undertakes to discharge the residual debt due on the property to the lending institution once the sale is closed.

Please take my word when I assure you that by following the above advice, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and needless stress after your property is sale agreed. 


It is a legal requirement to have a BER energy rating on your property.  The cost for a standard home is in the region of €150 but make sure the assessor confirms the amount first. The cert lasts for ten years and is also required is you are renting a property.

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