Buyers tips for 2019

January 2019

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about our plans for the year ahead. If one of your goals is to buy a house – well firstly, Congrats & the best of luck.

I have put together some tips that hopefully will make you search a little easier & more enjoyable.

Know your budget

Firstly, know your budget & stick to it! This means having your loan approvaed or at the very least an approval in principal. It can be soul destroying to find the house of your dreams only to find it’s outside your budget.

Pick the area you want to live in

With life being so busy for everyone your location is really important as you do not want to have spend hours every day commuting between home & work. If you have children, you will, of course, want to ensure the quality of childcare in the area – be it creche, primary or post primary. A great way to check these out is to pay a visit to the premises (it’s wise to make an appointment!)

It might be worthwhile driving to and from the area to your place of work at peak traffic times to get a sense of time involved travelling

Write down your “deal beaker ” criteria – have a list of “wishes” & essentials & rank them in order of importance – it’s seldom all of your wish list will be met but if you can get an 80/20 ratio you will be doing well.

Viewing a property

If you are not familiar with an area, I advice buyers to visit houses on either side of the property (if they are buying in an estate) and ask the owners what is the area like – by and large you will get honest & frank information.

It might be worthwhile to have a list of questions for the auctioneer & make sure you get the answers in writing (a follow up email is ideal!)

Putting in an offer

It is a legal requirement that all offers are logged with relevant details & again I strongly recommend putting in an offer in writing – as there will be a paper trail to avoid any confusion throughout the bidding process. When you place an offer on a property that is not accepted, the auctioneer is obliged by law to let you know if/when a higher bid comes in. Make sure your offer is realistic & reflects the value of the property – if you put in an offer that is too low the vendor won’t take your future bids seriously.

Sale agreeing

Congrats – your offer has been accepted – exciting times!! The conveyance process can be lengthy & tedious but it is an essential part of the transaction. We provide our clients with a detailed step by step  conveyance procedure – should you wish to receive this document which is completely free – just email us at & Happy house hunting!

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