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Interiors - time to say goodbye to.....

Sep 09, 2016

Liz Dwyer of the Irish Times reports that these 4 interiors trends need to be left  behind this Autumn. Read designers' quotes below and see the full article at to see "what's in."

Feature walls

"Either do the entire room in whatever wallpaper, cladding or texture you’re into, or paint the entire room one colour. Mix and match is over."

Graphic overload

“ .... layer upon layer of bold stripes, chevrons, cubes and Greek keys, all of which I love individually but en masse, it just makes you dizzy. Unsurprisingly it has filtered rapidly down into the high street and is being adapted wrongly.”

Matching furniture

“Matching suites, armchairs and dining chairs is passé.....Choose contrasting armchairs and sofas that complement each other and tie opposing genres together with cushions or throws.” Likewise, dining chairs can be uniform in shape but look more relevant in different colours or fabrics, or vice versa.

Affirmation art

“I’ve developed an allergy to prints, pillows, paintings, mugs, mats or anything with an inspirational, life-affirming or gratitude quote, most likely etched in swishy brush script. It started out as a positive subculture thing, but it’s explosion onto every surface imaginable dilutes down any meaning and coolness.”