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State to spend up to €400m on 1,700 'rapid-delivery' houses

Sep 08, 2016

Up to 20 companies have been asked to supply units, which can be erected quicker than 'traditional' homes.

Tender documents show the homes - and must be designed to last for 60 years - will cost between €250m and €400m. This equates to a cost per unit of €147,000 to €235,000. Three-bedroom homes for families of five, and two-bedroom units for households with four people are being sought.

The tender comes after the Government's 'Rebuilding Ireland' housing plan set out proposals to use 1,500 rapid-delivery units to tackle the social housing crisis. However, tenders published yesterday show the number has swelled by an extra 200.

Some 200 are expected to be in place by the end of this year, another 800 in 2017 and the remainder in 2018.

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