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More good news for Moycullen

Jun 20, 2016

I read, with interest, an article in the Galway Advertiser (June 16th )  regarding the strong rent commanded by properties in Moycullen - a lot of  local feedback seemed to be negative and the article was viewed generally as being a poor reflection on Moycullen.

I do not agree with this sentiment -it is my contention that the prices commanded by rental properties in Moycullen simply has to do with the law of supply and demand.

Moycullen is viewed as being a popular place to live in - it enjoys a great reputation as a strong community and a good place to raise children in.

It is seen as being a thriving and growing townland and a satellite commuter belt of Galway city. Fortunately, Moycullen escaped the building blitz of the boom and the residents are a tightly knit community with a generous and welcoming heart.

In fact, I was overwhelmed with good wishes and support when I opened my office here in 2014!

Supply of quality rental homes are scarce and we receive several enquiries on a daily basis by families looking to rent here. Therefore, when a well presented property comes on the market, it is quickly snapped up and sometimes even achieving over the asking price.

The same is true for properties for sale by private treaty - obviously the closer to the village, the higher the demand!

Couples who bought either an apartment or small house in boom years requirements  have now progressed and their children are also growing up - simply they need more room!

They may be caught in negative equity and are renting their apartment whilst looking to rent a larger home - thankfully property values have increased significantly since 2012 and it is hoped that many of these families will come out of negative equity over the coming years.

The pattern of the tenant family has changed significantly over the past decade - professional couples with good jobs and good income seek good quality spacious accommodation - thus the demand for these properties in Moycullen

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